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How to – Maya – fix broken render settings window tutorial

Now and again one of the numerous Maya bugs stops you been able to view the render settings window. You can open it up but there is no information there, preventing you from changing any render settings. A quick way to fix this is to do the following –

Open up the script editor

Type in the following

deleteUI unifiedRenderGlobalsWindow;

Highlight the MEL code and hit enter (the one beside the keypad, not the main one).

Type in the following


Highlight the MEL code and hit enter (same key as before)

Open up the render settings window again. Everything should be fixed.

[The same bug can sometimes affect the attribute editor window as well, most notably when you have a ramp node selected. The above method can be applied to fix this. Instead of using the line deleteUI unifiedRenderGlobalsWindow; replace it with deleteUI AEWindow;]

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21 Responses to “How to – Maya – fix broken render settings window tutorial”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Thanks! Saved me some headaches 🙂

  2. Stephen Says:

    Glad I could help.

  3. slaw Says:

    hi. I dont know what I’m doing wrong but Your solution doesnt work on my comp. I tried it at least 10 times. Any suggestions?
    thans in advanced.
    BTW. great portfolio

  4. Stephen Says:

    Another thing to try is –

    Open a new scene.
    Open up the render settings window (which should be working correctly).
    Import the scene with the broken render settings window into your new scene.

  5. Erick Says:


  6. George Says:

    Thanks this post is awesome !

  7. Gianpiero Says:

    Hi, I read your post about maya Render setting bug, I have this problem on my notebook with Maya 2012 version installed but I can’t open Render Settings window and not just see the menu inside!! The same version of maya installed on my pc works fine, how can I solve this problem? I tried with your tutorial but it still doesn’t work! Help please!!!!

  8. John Says:


  9. Patrick Woo Says:

    Great tip! It saved my evening! The render settings became empty, and it remained empty even when I started a new scene, restarted Maya or even when I restarted my computer. Thanks again!

  10. Addis Kidan Says:

    Thanks for the tip!

    The cause, in my case, was from switching between scenes that use different render engines. And changing the preferred renderer to anything other than “Maya Software” seems to be a permanent fix!

  11. JEND Says:

    Thank youu!

  12. FLpe Says:

    Thank you so much! 😀

  13. SriSchen Says:

    For me, that solution didn’t work but deleting the “windowPrefs.mel” file did 🙂

  14. Lorenzo Says:


  15. Dhc Says:

    I did it and it works for me but the moment I click on mental ray it starts again!!! Please help me!

  16. Matt Says:

    Thank you man!

  17. kari sato Says:

    didnt fix my problem scene, waaaa help

    Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/mentalrayForMaya2015/scripts/mentalrayUI.mel line 659: No object matches name: :mentalrayGlobals.exportVerbosity //
    // Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2015/scripts/others/createMayaSoftwareCommonGlobalsTab.mel line 553: menuItem: Object ‘mayaSoftwareNameDotFrameDotExtension’ not found. //

  18. Marco Lizama Says:

    Thanks SO MUCH!!

  19. Ashwin Vishesh Says:

    Thanks a lot man . This saved me a lot of trouble

  20. Heike Says:

    Thank you! you are a god 🙂

  21. Gordon Says:

    These solutions are not working for me. Does any one have any other suggestions? I deleted prefs too and started a new default pref and im still getting the same problem.

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